The University of California-Berkeley has announced that defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi was suspended for last Saturday’s game against Washington after it was confirmed he had coached players to fake injuries as a way to slow down the #1 Oregon Ducks offense in Cal’s 15-13 loss to the Ducks.

Check out footage of the ‘injuries’ right here

Cal AD Sandy Barbour had this to say about the matter:

This is a young coach who made a mistake. We make mistakes in life a lot. He stood up and he accepted responsibility for it. The head coach accepted responsibility for it and I accepted responsibility for it. That’s what we do as educators.

Barbour and head coach Jeff Tedford said that Lupoi will remain on the coaching staff.  Tedford went out of his way to explain that no other coach was aware of the intentional faking of injuries (we’ll just assume they weren’t at the game, watching the players, or speaking with coach Lupoi) and that he sees this as an isolated incident.