Back in August reported that Brett Favre had been sending texts and perhaps a picture or two of his Mississippi mudslinger to a young lady by the name of Jenn Sterger. Jenn is one of those ambitious “model” types trying to be the next Erin Andrews. At the time (2008), Sterger was an in-house sideline reporter with the Jets. Well, earlier this week some of Brett’s voice mails were released to the public. In both voice mails Brett had just finished practice and was trying to get her to come over to give him a back rub. Brett has probably been solidifying that game since jr. high school.

In new news, the guys over at report that Sterger is now about to loose her job as a reporter on Versus’ The Daily Line. For those that don’t know Versus is a sports network that showed hockey games and will have the new T.O. and Ochocinco show. And The Daily Line is their ghetto version of SportsCenter. Apparently the network doesn’t need the negative Sterger attention tied to Favre’s future hall of fame hog. Cosby Sweaters will keep you updated on the story.

If you want to learn more about Jenn Sterger, check out here profile from The Daily Line: