Jason Dufner isn’t a very happy camper this weekend, as he’s being forced to play in Tiger Woods’ four-day, no-cut Northwestern Mutual World Challenge. We say “forced”, because Dufner tried to weasel his way out of the commitment so he could watch his beloved Auburn Tigers in the SEC Championship game. Tiger quickly shot that idea down via Twitter on Monday.

Our suggestion was that Dufner should attempt to get himself DQ’d by Friday afternoon, thus opening up Saturday for boozy football watching. We’re not sure if this qualifies for a DQ, but during Thursday’s opening round, Dufner was caught on camera sneaking a rock into Keegan Bradley’s bag. A classic (and always funny) prank, of course, but it appears Dufner is still bound to his weekend tee time.

Perhaps he can install one of those nifty John Daley-approved TVs for his bag?