It’s the year 2015 and nobody still has any clue what the hell they’re doing at the gym.

At the beginning of every year, a wave of New Year’s Resolutioners invades a gym near you, where many of them proceed to make a complete asshat of themselves. To be fair, it’s a strange, foreign environment for these rookies and they have to learn by watching others or experiencing some trial and error on their own. Credit them for being proactive in their quest for physical fitness, but some of these failures are simply amazing.

But not everyone who makes a fool of themselves at the gym is a beginner. Some are experienced veterans of swole who just get too cocky and develop a feeling of invincibility until the gym gods are forced to put them in their place. Others just do crossfit.

Fortunately, 2015 has been bountiful in amazing gym fails, as evidenced by the compilation video you see above. Keep in mind, folks, it’s not even April. We’re less than a quarter through the year and we have already been spoiled as hell.

Let’s visit the tape and see if we can’t learn anything from these idiots, shall we?

Lesson #1: High heels = Bad gym attire.

Also, dresses are not ideal either. What the fuck is wrong with you?


Lesson #2: Fully commit to lifting your weights or your friend. Not both.

What muscle is this working out exactly? Definitely not the friendship muscle, that’s for sure.


Lesson #3: Secure your weights.

Pretty self explanatory.


Lesson #4: You know what, just make sure all your equipment is secure.

Just to be safe.


Lesson #5: Don’t be this guy.

If you notice the ladies giving you the eye while you do your kettlebell dick thrusts, it’s not because they wish they were that kettlebell. It’s because you look like a fucking jackass.



Lesson #6: If your exercise makes you look like a farm animal, you’re probably doing it wrong.

I’ve heard of chicken legs, but this dude is apparently going for the chicken neck.



Lesson #7: Find a spotter.

It’s better to have one and not need one than to need one and not have one. This guy definitely needs one.


Lesson #8: Preferably a spotter who will actually help you.

Way to be alert there, bud. Almost let that one slip away.


Lesson #9: If it requires a hard hat, it’s probably not good for you.


Lesson #10: If you’re going to do it wrong, at least bring style points.

This guy gets it. He may not be burning the most calories on that elliptical but he sure as hell is the most fierce.