Every Tuesday, my co-workers get excited because it’s Food Truck Day in the parking lot around the corner.  To keep it simple, a bunch of food trucks pull up and serve the drones filing out of the nearby office buildings for their mid-day feasting.  Tables are set up, a band plays and a good time is had by all.

I am often the object of ridicule because I had never once experienced Food Truck Day for myself.  I usually bring my lunch so I have no reason to go to the trucks.

Today was a particularly busy day for me, with meetings from 12-1:45.  I also forgot my lunch today.  As I wandered back to my desk I smelled some garlic and the hunger pangs got me.  I approached the young lady, who we’ll refer to as DJB.  Normally I wouldn’t bother DJB while she eats, as she tends to snarl at anyone who approaches her food, barking at them like a common junkyard dog.  The smell was too overpowering, however, and I walked over.  The conversation went something like this:

Skeezy:  “Whatcha got there, DJB?”

DJB:  “Can’t talk.  Eating.”

Skeezy:  “Is that from the food trucks?”

DJB:  “Your face is from the food trucks.”

Skeezy:  “What does that even mean?”

DJB:  “What doesn’t it mean?”

Skeezy:  “Great talk, DJB.”

DJB:  “Welp!”

At that point she buried her head into the Styrofoam container and continued to gnaw on her lunch.  It was kind of like watching a zombie movie.

I decided that today would be the day.  I was going to go and experience Food Truck Day for myself.  I walked over and found it to be quite delightful.  There were many trucks to choose from:  Bera’s Cheese Steaks, Slammin’ Sliders, Chef Che’s Argentine Cuisine, Dosa Truck (“Ommm Good” is the tagline on that one), Papa’s Tapas, and a Tropical Shave Ice truck.  This was the scene:

From One Side

To The Other

My first inclination was to go with a cheese steak, as the scuttlebutt around the office had been good.  Unfortunately, they were sold out so I went with Chef Che:


I ordered the Milanese plate, which came with the strip steak, some of the garlic fries DJB was swallowing whole, and a tomato salad.  I paid the $9.75 and waited.  Luckily, Food Truck Day is not without entertainment:

The 80's Called...

I never saw a sign with a band name on it but what you had here was a middle-aged couple in horrible 80’s wigs and clothes doing 80’s covers.  It was fantastic!

My food finally arrived and I walked back to my desk.  I dove right in and was very pleased with what I was eating.  I stopped long enough to take a picture:

Om Nom Nom Nom Nom

All in all, Food Truck Day is a glorious thing.  It has lots of variety, great entertainment, outdoor seating, and reasonable prices.  While it’s not something I’ll do every week, I’ll definitely be back.