In a perplexing move, the French Open banned Serena Williams’ “Wakanda-Inspired catsuit” which she wore earlier this year at Roland Garros.

French Open president Bernard Giudicelli told Tennis Magazine her outfit wouldn’t be allowed this year, as it’s a “respect the game” issue.

“I believe we have sometimes gone too far. Serena’s outfit this year, for example, would no longer be accepted. You have to respect the game and the place.”

Giudicelli’s actions are wrong for numerous reason.

First of all, the outfit is designed to protect against blood clots, an issue Williams has dealt with since the birth of her daughter Olympia. Secondly, the outfit made Williams, who dealt with severe physical and mental health struggles following giving birth, a confidence like a “warrior princess.” Finally, the outfit isn’t at all provocative and injects much-needed personality into the Tennis world. It’s simple and looks great.

Honestly, it’s hard to understand how the outfit disrespects the game of tennis – because it doesn’t.

Giudicelli is being openly disrespectful to the greatest female tennis player ever. All because he doesn’t like her outfit. That’s some grade-A BS. The French Open would be lucky to have Williams play there again. If I’m her, I consider skipping the tourney altogether. She has every right to tell this old dude to get bent.


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