As an educated person, I turn to my search engine of choice for guidance when I have a general query. I put my faith in its voodoo algorithms to provide me with the best resources for my ultimate conclusions. Thankfully, I haven’t looked past the first results page in five years. I am usually very pleased with what I find. For some odd reason, probably Mark Zuckerburg, we are assaulted all too often by the likes of Yahoo Answers as best match.

On Yahoo Answers, anyone can post questions.  Anyone can answer those questions. The best answer is then chosen democratically by anyone. A member’s reputation is built upon quantity not quality. No holds barred. I have compiled three of my current favorites with key lessons learned. (click the images to enlarge)

If you draft the right questions, you receive the right answers:

Some questions are just too big for the internet:

How to pick up football cougars - Yahoo Answers

Forgetting to check Cosby Sweaters can be embarrassing:

Woman asks why there is no toy in her Happy Meal

This is another perfect example of how the internet places the amateur above the expert. For those who know nothing, please stick to Twitter and Facebook where we can hide you. While your answers may be courageous, you are taking us backward.

One can easily get lost in the clutter. Fortunately for our readers, Cosby Sweaters has a rigorous hiring and editorial process. We strive to continuously bring the best content to the table. Don’t settle for anything but the best. We don’t.