Uber has unveiled a new tool that will allow you to learn American sign language. They are hoping that it will allow for better communication with their deaf drivers and allow for comfortability.

Uber has also launched an initiative back in 2015 when they were trying to recruit hard of hearing drivers.

According to the Verge, you will be prompted on when to give certain greetings to your driver who is deaf.

Now when you get matched with a deaf driver, you are offered the option of learning a few ASL signs in the app. The tool teaches you how to sign basic phrases such as “hello,” “I am [your name],” and “thank you,” as well as navigational instructions like “turn left” and “turn right.”

The Verge also says that Uber is trying hard to service the deaf community due to the underemployment and unemployment of nearly 70% of people within that community.

Uber also reports that it has “thousands” of deaf and hard of hearing drivers.

For a company that has been under fire for lots of different practices, this is encouraging to see. They were at the forefront of technology and it appears they are wanting to be at the forefront of deaf services.

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