Spotify Reaches 1 Million Subscribers

Spotify, the online-based streaming music service, has officially passed 1 million paid subscribers. Although the service is still not available in North America, reaching the 1 million paid user mark is a major milestone when comparing it against other competing services. One such competitor, US-based Rhapsody, recently said it had 750,000 paid subscribers. Part Spotify’s success may be attributed to offering multiple “free” days of music each month whereas others in the market only offer an initial 3-day trial period. Spotify’s 1 million paid subscribers are said to represent nearly 15% of their active user base (those who have used the service in the last 30 days) which would put their total user count at slightly below 7 million people.

Streaming music services are under close surveillance these days as Spotify continues to try and enter the U.S. market, discussions take place between major record labels and tech companies such as Apple and Google, and other services like Grooveshark and Rdio continue making ground.

[via: Spotify blog]