Unless you have been living under a rock, you have played Grand Theft Auto in some way shape or form over the past decade or so.

Just how prevalent and widespread is the game itself? It is now the best selling game in the history of video games. It has recently passed Wii Sports. Which similarly is a game that everyone and their mother has played because it was everywhere.

What GTA has done that no other game has done before it is the continued use of it well past its original sale date. It is about to be one of the top used games almost five years after the game was put out.

To give you a sense of how many games that have been sold, Wii Sports has sold 82.3 million copies of their game according to Nintendo. At about $60 a game, that is a lot of money that is going to Rockstar, the company that founded the game.

It doesn’t appear as of this moment that they are going to start the sixth game anytime soon. So with that being said, you can play the game still and still have a culturally relevant game. It only makes it more interesting that the game is still being used as often as it has.


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