Looking for the best of CES 2011?  You could fly to Vegas, get a room, go to the show, spend days looking at all the gadgets, go home and review your notes, come up with a complex ranking system, tally the points, and then declare what technologies most excited you.  Or, for just the price of an internet connection, you can type “Best CES 2011” into Google images and see what comes up.  That’s just what we did and the results may surprise you, here are the top-5 products of CES 2011:

  1. Motorola Xoom Tablet:  In the so called ‘year of the tablet’ it’s no surprise to see a tablet on top of the list.  The Xoom is the first tablet supporting the Android 3.0 OS, runs on dual core processors, rocks dual cameras, 4G connectivity, and a super sharp display.
  2. Samsung 7 Series Sliding Netbook: The Seven series is something different in that, instead of a standard swivel, it uses a brand new sliding system to convert to a ten-inch tablet.  Apparently if you want to be a top-5 of CES 2011 product and you’re not a tablet being one sometimes helps.
  3. Toshiba Satellite e305 Laptop: This one is part of the Best Buy Blue Label program [Editor’s Note: You’re welcome for the plug Best Buy, feel free to send gift cards] and includes Intel’s 3nd gen i5 processor, WIDI 2.0, USB 3.0, Hybrid Hardrive with 4G of Flash, Dolby Audio, wireless 1080p, and 4G WiMax.  That’s a lot of capital letters and numbers so you know it’s good.
  4. Blackberry Playbook Table: Yup, another tablet.  This one is from Blackberry and will run on the Sprint network.  HD display, dual core processor, 4G, etc., etc., etc.  At this point we’ll need a second garage to hold all the tablets we’re apparently supposed to buy.
  5. blackberry-playbook-tablet_CES2011_cosbysweatersLG 55-Inch full LED HDTV: IT’S NOT A TABLET!  Finally, an innovation I can watch sports on from the couch.  This beauty is 3D ready and leads a lineup of award winning LG products in categories like video displays, online audio/video content, video components, portable media players, integrated home systems, computer peripherals and major home appliances.  Basically just send LG your credit card info and ask them to give you the total package.

Over the next week you’re sure to see all kinds of CES 2011 ‘Best Of’, ‘Most Innovative’ and ‘Recap’ articles but is there any source more reliable than Google Images?  I doubt it.