When eating at the International Space Station (ISS), you have a lot of limited options. Cheese isn’t an acceptable ingredient to have in space and as such, you’re missing out on a lot of good meals. One of the heavy hitters that involves cheese, is pizza. Being as limited as they are, since, well, they’re in space, it has been a craving that has been left unsatiated.

The ISS has allowed for over 200 different foods to now be consumed in space, cheese doesn’t make the cut but it does allow for the astronauts to eat some good ol’ home cooking. Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli told his boss about how much he missed the circular goodness and what do you know, they were able to get the ingredients to make the savory dish.

For pizza people, this may be a treasonous statement but they made their pies without cheese. It mostly consisted of pepperoni, sauce and other toppings that they deemed fit.

These astronauts already sacrifice a lot and now they’re having to eat pizza without its most important ingredient. They are heroes to mankind if you ask me.


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