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Ligue de Football Professionel, the governing body of professional soccer in France and Monaco, held its annual anti-homophobia initiative on Sunday, but one player very noticeably refused to participate.

As Outsports.com points out, Monaco midfielder Mohamed Camara very publicly and intentionally snubbed the anti-homophobia initiative in three different ways, refusing to take a photo in front of the campaign’s logo with all the other players and covering up the special anti-homophobia logos with black and white tape.

“Camara, a 24-year-old Mali international, showed total disregard for this anti-discrimination drive even before kick-off at the Stade Louis II when he refused to stand with players from both teams behind the campaign logo for a pre-match photo,” Jon Holmes wrote for Outsports.

“Fans then quickly spotted that the former Red Bull Salzburg star was playing with black tape over the rainbow LFP logo on his sleeve, and white tape over the campaign logo on the front of his jersey.”

Obviously, this is a very intentional move from Camara as he outright refused to support the LGBTQ community during the special game designed to support and celebrate that marginalized community.

This move clearly goes against what French soccer was trying to promote.