Throughout his various court proceedings over the past few weeks, former United States President Donald Trump has been the subject of a lot of jokes due to his seemingly uncontrollable flatulence and his inability to stay awake during his trials. While those situations are certainly humorous, they may actually indicate something much more serious.

During a recent interview with Salon, Dr. John Gartner – a prominent psychologist and contributor to the bestselling book The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President – suggested that Trump appears to be showing signs of dementia,

“This may be the first criminal trial I’ve been aware of where the defendant appears, in my opinion, to have dementia,” Gartner told Salon. “Is it a coincidence that it’s also the only one I’ve ever known where the defendant can’t remain awake most days? Trump appears to be losing control of his basic biological functions. One is sleep-wake. The other may be excretion. Twitter blew up when both Ben Meiselas and George Conway reported they had heard from multiple credible sources in the courtroom that Trump was loudly passing gas and the smell was overpowering. This was judged by Snopes to be unconfirmed. Personally, I trust the people who reported it. I don’t believe they would make that up.

“Trump’s apparent disease is progressing rapidly before our eyes and yet we’re being gaslit that this is “Trump being Trump.” That’s true, but it is also true that Trump appears to be dementing and the mainstream media doesn’t want to report on that story.”

Obviously, Gartner is not in a position to formally diagnose Trump, but it would certainly be horrible news about Trump as he runs for president again.