Donald Trump Syndication: USA TODAY

Billionaire Dan Snyder, the former owner of the Washington Commanders franchise, recently invested in a film that he thought would be a flattering biopic about former United States President Donald Trump. But unfortunately, he turned out to be very much incorrect.

According to a report from Variety, Dan Snyder helped finance the upcoming film The Apprentice through the company Kinematics, of which he is a major investor. The film details the early life and business career of Donald Trump. Snyder reportedly believed it would paint Trump in a positive light, which is why he invested in the movie in the first place. But when he saw a preview of the film, he realized his mistake.

Variety reports that the film does not paint Trump in a flattering light, and Snyder was “furious” when he first saw the film. In fact, it sounds like Snyder was so angry at the film’s portrayal of Trump that he even tried to get the company’s legal team to shut the movie down.

“Sources say Snyder, a friend of Trump’s who donated $1.1. million to his inaugural committee and Trump Victory in 2016 and $100,000 to his 2020 presidential campaign, put money into the film via Kinematics because he was under the impression that it was a flattering portrayal of the 45th president. Snyder finally saw a cut of the film in February and was said to be furious. Kinematics’ lawyers were enlisted to fight the release of The Apprentice, and the cease-and-desist letters began flying,” Variety reported.

Snyder was not successful in fighting the release of the film as it will debut at the Cannes Film Festival in France this week.

Needless to say, it’s a pretty brutal mistake from billionaire Snyder who thought he was funding a positive film about Trump only to find out it was actually quite critical.