We Hope (get it?!) no one’s too offended.

The world is in love with soccer. It’s a sport that is beloved by nearly every country, and even those who weren’t the biggest fans before are starting to get it *stares up at the Stars and Stripes as Bald Eagle flies by*.

The 2016 women’s tournament at the Olympics have been rather vicious, as Team USA- who’s been a dominating force for years- was knocked out of contention for gold pretty damn early by Sweden, while the team’s goalie Hope Solo had some interesting tactics during the end of the match. This was also followed by heavy commentary by Miss Solo, which lead to controversy amongst fans and media alike.

Twitter has caught with Sweden as they faced Brazil, and thus #BRAvsSWE was born. The deck below contains a fun mix of the shade being thrown by all sides, but we’ll just call it “passion amongst fans.”


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