Caitlin Clark David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Over the weekend, WNBA rookie sensatin Caitlin Clark was left off of the Team USA Olympic roster sparking outrage throughout the sports world. But one WNBA coach does not seem to think that her snub was all that big of a deal considering how difficult the team is to make.

New York Liberty head coach Sandy Brondello, who also coaches the Australian national team in the Olympics, was asked about the decision not to include Caitlin Clark on the Team USA roster, and she downplayed any notion that Clark’s snubbing from the team would be bad for the sport.

“It’s the Olympics,” Brondello before her team’s game on Sunday according to The Spun. “I mean, jeez, it doesn’t get much better than that … It’s the USA team. They’ve won 70 and lost three games, so who do you kick out? That’s tough decisions for their selection committee.”

As a coach of a national team herself, Brondello understands just how difficult it is to choose a roster at this level.

“I know I’ll have tough decisions to make as well, too,” Brondello said. “You can’t keep everybody happy. You do what you think is best at the moment, and it’s Olympic games. Everyone will get their opportunity.”

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