As it turns out, when it comes to a debate over penguin facts, it might not be wise to tangle with The Discovery Channel, even if your team is the Pittsburgh Penguins.

On Wednesday, Discovery sent out an innocuous Tweet on the height of emperor penguins.

The social media team at the Pittsburgh Penguins, perhaps with a little too much time on their hands trolling Twitter for any mention of the term “penguins,” jumped at the opportunity to inject their team into a little factoid about a cool species of bird.

Haha, because their team name is Penguins and the team’s average height is human height and not large bird height.

If it had ended there, the world would have moved on to the ongoing saga of Deflategate without batting an eye.

However, on Thursday, Discovery lofted a burn so savage towards the Penguins that I’m not sure I’ve recovered from reading it yet. You would think that the Penguins social media team had insulted the cast and crew of The Deadliest Catch judging by this response.

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