Here’s a pretty awesome highlight from last night’s Penguins-Capitals game that you may not have noticed in real time. Patric Hörnqvist had his stick knocked out of his hand during a Capitals’ player’s shot on net, sending the lumber sailing through the air. 

Most of the time when this happens, the player in question is forced to play without a stick until play goes the other way down the ice. Most of the time, however, that’s because superhuman Sidney Crosby isn’t there to come to the rescue.

In no small feat, Crosby miraculously managed to catch Hörnqvist’s stick with his own before casually handing it back to him all in one fluid sequence. It was a pretty bizarre occurrence that we probably won’t see again for a while. Appreciate it.

Though they don’t involve an awesome catch, here are a few other awesome examples of a teammate rescuing another’s driftwood.