In a bet in which one side tried to be way too calculating while the other side barely tried at all, the governors of New York and California couldn’t come up with a good wager between them for the Stanley Cup Finals.

Seriously, let’s start with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. It appears that Governor Cuomo simply looked at districts in his state and tried to pick up one local ingredient from each one that would be required for him to win a re-election campaign:

Spiedle marinade (some sort of sauce they use on a spiedle sandwich which is a thing), Chicken wing sauce from Buffalo (this bet is getting spicy!), a bottle of wine from the Finger Lakes, Gianelli Hot Italian Sausage, Sammy and Annie Food’s Chicken Riggie Pasta Sauce Starter (not the sauce, mind you, just the starter), Parker’s Pure New York Maple Syrup (almost as good as Vermont!), Saratoga Kettle Chips, Apples from Fishkill Farms, Red velvet cupcakes, and oysters harvested off of Long Island’s shore.

Then there’s California governor Jerry Brown who barely managed to make any wager at all:

“California: A History” by Kevin Starr (Yes, that is a history book) and Lundberg Organic Brown Rice Cakes, Lightly Salted.

Yep, that’s it. A history book and some rice cakes which somehow manage to remove anything remotely appetizing from the term “rice cakes”. (Lightly salted! Brown rice! Organic!)

So, on the one hand you have a wager that appears to be focus-tested to near-death while on the other hand you have the least appealing prize this side of a monkey’s paw.

Just goes to show that politics can remove the fun from anything.

[For the Win]

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