The news that is owning the sports world right now is that the NFL is, finally, putting a team back in Los Angeles. The St. Louis Rams are slated to move there this off season with the San Diego Chargers having the option to join them.

To retell how successful LA has been as a sports town without a NFL team, ESPN created a video that highlighted city’s winners.

The Lakers were shown, USC was shown, and Magic Johnson was shown because he’s rich and bought a baseball team that hasn’t won anything significant since 1988. The one successful franchise from that little montage? The LA Kings, who have won two Stanley Cups since the NFL left LA.

We all know how much ESPN hates the NHL, but this is just ridiculous. The Kings are one of the NHL’s most successful franchises as of late and are the most successful LA franchise right now. Don’t worry, though, the narrator in the video, Ramona Shelburne, had a rock solid reason for forgetting about the Kings and the LA Galaxy, who won the MLS Cup five times, as well.

[Video via: Puck Daddy]

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