As part of the Chicago Blackhawks’ ongoing “What’s Your Goal?” campaign this season, Duncan Keith met with a young fan named Cammy recently and helped make her dream of skating and scoring a goal come true.

Born without the ability to walk or speak, Cammy still dreamed of skating with Keith – her favorite Blackhawks player – and the defenseman was more than happy to make it happen. Even before they hit the ice, Cammy’s smile was a mile wide and it was immediately clear how much the experience  would mean to her.

The pair eventually hit the ice with Cammy harnessed to Keith, who helped his biggest fan skate around the team’s practice facility and put some pucks past netminder Antti Raanta as she cried out with happiness. Just awesome.

If you enjoyed the video – let’s be honest, how could you not?- be sure to head over the Blackhawks’ website to check out some of their “What’s Your Goal?” videos from earlier in the season.

[Eye on Hockey]