Hockey is without question an intense sport, but in a youth tournament in Belarus this weekend, intensity seemed to get the best of two international youth teams.

In a nearly nine-minute video, youth hockey players from Russia and Slovakia go after each other in a massive brawl. There’s tons of stick-swinging, punching and general frustration on display.

You can see how things escalated quickly.

The fight was so massive, players were throwing haymakers on the bench.

According to the New York Post, Russia’s head coach, Vasily Zakrevsky had to go the police station after the game and give his side of what happened. He was reportedly was with police until four in the morning.

It’s hard to say what sparked the brawl, but it’s clear from the video above the two teams don’t like each other. While completely entertaining, massive line brawls aren’t the way to deal with frustration. Any time the cops have to be called to a hockey game of all places, you can bet things have escalated well out of control.

[Gifs via Barstool Sports]

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