Wednesday’s slate of NHL action featured a pretty fantastic shootout between the Blackhawks and Red Wings in Chicago. However, it also featured an absolutely laughable shootout between the Oilers and Bruins in Edmonton.

After failing to decide a victor through regulation and the five-minute overtime, it took Boston and Edmonton 12 rounds to not only find a winner…but also to find a single goal. Yes, the two teams went 0 for 23 before Oilers defenseman Martin Marincin (zero career NHL goals) beat Tuukka Rask to give Edmonton the extra point on his birthday.

Even Marincin’s goal looked like it came completely by accident.


Here’s an additional look at the terribleness – in chart form!

via SB Nation

It was the second longest a shootout has ever gone before seeing a single goal – the Flyers and Rangers had 26 scoreless attempts back in 2006.