Big games in the NHL’s Stanley Cup playoffs produce big-time goals, and big-time goals produce big-time goal celebrations. We’ve seen quite out share of good ones already, though none better than the two you’ll see below. But which one takes the crown so far? Well, take your pick.

Patrick Kane Dialing It Up


Patrick Kane scored a huge game-winning goal in overtime during a pivotal Game 4 of the intense Blackhawks-Blues series. To celebrate, he literally “dialed it up” and then delivered the classic “Let’s f**king go!” message. For a more clear visualization:

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via @HeyLetsTwoSlice

Johnny Boychuk’s Finger Guns



Boychuk scored the game-tying goal late in the third period of last night’s Game 1 between the Bruins and Canadiens. After serving up the Johnny Rocket from the point, Boychuk elected to go with the double finger guns (pew pew!) before slapping his hands together and blowing it up. Shooter McBoychuk:

via @CamFan81
via @CamFan81

So, who you got for best celly so far?

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