In this past week’s Sunday Night Football game between the Bengals and Steelers, Cincinnati’s punter Kevin Huber, who after punting the ball down field and preparing to play his role in coverage, was absolutely annihilated by Steelers’ Terrance Garvin on an illegal hit which broke Huber’s jaw and cracked a vertebrae. After learning that the injuries endured from the vicious hit would end the punter’s 2013 season, many media types along with the Cincinnati faithful were crying for Pittsburgh’s Garvin to get fined or suspended (which he was later fined $25K).

But one young Bengals fan named Nicholas Andrew Johnson, just wanted to write a letter to Huber and express his feelings to the injured punter through paper. Yesterday Huber tweeted out a picture of the mail he received. In a short letter that epitomizes everything cute about a young sports fan, but also displays the nature of the beast that is the NFL, the young Bengals fan shows that even from an early age, sports rivalries are to be taken very serious. Even if that means wishing Terrance Garvin end up a homeless man who lives in his car.