On Saturday, the Washington Redskins announced that they had agreed to sign left tackle Trent Williams to a five year contract worth $66 million with $43.25 million in guaranteed money.

The deal makes the 3-time Pro Bowler the highest-paid offensive tackle in NFL history.

While Washington fans may like the signing (even though the offensive line as a whole has not been stellar), no one outside Washington’s organization may have been more pleased with this particular outcome than WWE announcer Jim Ross.

Ross is from Oklahoma and Williams played for the Sooners in college and the WWE Hall of Famer greeted the news of Williams’ success with an amazing hype speech.

This isn’t the first time this year that Ross has sung Williams’ praises. Ross spoke with ESPN back in May and he made it clear that he’s been a fan of Williams’ game for a long time.

“I’ve been following the team since I was a kid, so they’ve been my team from the radio days simply before cable, and so it would be very challenging to say that we’ve ever had an offensive lineman better than Trent Williams,” Ross said.

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