Taylor Swift Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs superstar tight end Travis Kelce have quickly formed a very strong bond with each other. But it sounds like that bond might actually be a little too strong.

After about a month off, much of which was spent alongside Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift resumed the international leg of her Eras Tour this month. Apparently, however, she is having a hard time being apart from her boyfriend, and it’s gotten to the point that her friends are quite worried about her.

“They’re going to be facing their longest time apart. He’ll make some trips to see her, but she can’t be leaving tour to see him so she’s got to leave this all up to him and it’s making her very anxious,” the insider told Life & Style. “Her separation anxiety has kicked in big time and it’s very worrisome for friends who think it’s a bad sign that she’s so panicked about having to have time apart from him.”

Swift’s friends seem to think that her dependency on Kelce is not necessarily healthy considering that she didn’t have these issues before they started dating.

“But from her friends’ perspective, she ought to be able to enjoy her own company still. Before he came along, she was so excited about touring, and now it’s like she can’t enjoy it unless he’s with her,” the source said.

We’ll have to see how often Kelce is able to join her on tour, but it’s going to get harder and harder for him as he will have to start preparing for the upcoming NFL season with his team.

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