There was a streaker on Sunday night who took to the field during he Ravens and Patriots game, and he gave security a run for their money. This streaker has apparently done this before, most recently at Camden Yards, and has made sure he has an anti-bullying message on his stomach. We are all for streakers as long as they are giving out a good message. The message was ‘Don’t Be aa Bully, Be a Super-Hero.’ You can check out this streaker’s blog where he explains:

Bullying is a real problem in America, and I am here to stop it. We all have super powers and it’s time to put them to use. I’m talking about the power we have to make friends, stand-up for one another, and ultimately make “bullying” just another word in the dictionary.

With the support of my fans and anyone that is against bullying, I know we can make a difference. When you visit our shop you will see that it’s filled with items that are focused on bully awareness. By purchasing an item you will support a foundation that is fighting to stop bullying, child abuse, or both.

Show everyone that you are a superhero, and take this stand with me.

via Deadspin