Russell Wilson Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, the Denver Broncos made the decision to cut former starting quarterback Russell Wilson and go in a different direction at quarterback. The move was not cheap, but it doesn’t sound like head coach Sean Payton has any regrets.

Russell Wilson still had $85 million in fully guaranteed money on his contract when the Broncos decided to cut him earlier this month. That means that the team will now have to account for that dead cap money on their salary cap for the next two years, marking the largest dead cap hit from any single player in league history.

But during a recent interview with a reporter at the NFL’s annual league meetings, Sean Payton made it clear that the decision was worth it.

“Was it difficult with Russ, knowing that the dead cap consequences were so severe to make that decision to let him go?” the reporter asked Payton.

Payton had an immediate and blunt response, in a video shared by ML Football.

“No,” Payton said without hesitation at all.

Obviously, this is a pretty brutal message from Payton about Wilson, and the NFL world had a lot to say about it on social media.

We’ll have to see how Wilson performs after signing with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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