Russell Wilson Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

When Russell Wilson chose to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers after parting ways with the Denver Broncos this offseason, he almost surely thought that he would be the team’s starting quarterback for the upcoming season. But it seems like the team’s decision to bring in former Chicago Bears starting quarterback Justin Fields complicates that.

While it’s been widely assumed that Russell Wilson would be the starting quarterback for the Steelers this year, NFL insider Field Yates of ESPN does not necessarily think that will be the case. During a recent appearance on the Football Today podcast, Yates indicated that there is a real chance Justin Fields – not Wilson – will be the team’s starting quarterback this year.

“It’s not a certainty that Russell Wilson is a starting quarterback in Week 1,” Yates told host Chris Rose according to the Steeler Depot. “Not a certainty at all. And words are simply words right now from the Steelers.”

Even if it doesn’t happen by the team’s opening game against the Atlanta Falcons, Yates thinks that Fields will ultimately get a chance to play over Wilson.

“I’m not gonna go as far as saying I bet on Justin Fields starting in Week 1. But there’s a real part of me that thinks it’s very much a possibility,” he said. “I just think at some point this season they’re going to have to give Justin Fields a look unless Russell Wilson’s playing unbelievable football.”

Obviously, this is pretty horrible news for Wilson as he was looking for somewhere to start and revitalize his career, and the NFL world had a lot to say about it.

We’ll certainly have to see what happens.

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