It’s OK, Russell. We’ve all been there…

Russell Wilson tried to do a nice thing by posting his girlfriend Ciara as his “Woman Crush Wednesday” on Instagram, but it seems he had an extremely difficult time doing so. Coming up with clever or thoughtful captions can be a pretty tough task, so Wilson decided to get help by Google searching “How to describe a beautiful woman”

But wait! There’s more! This apparently wasn’t the first time this happened. Upon further review, it looks like there was a post a few hours prior in which he did the SAME THING.

AM #WCW … Her hair plunged over her shoulders & it was midnight black… @Ciara

A photo posted by Russell Wilson (@dangerusswilson) on Jan 27, 2016 at 12:43pm PST

Poor Wilson, now he’ll never get away with doing this on Valentine’s Day.


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