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Back in March, Roddy White made the mistake of making a casual Twitter “bet.” When Mercer was set to face Duke in the NCAA tournament, Dylan Hoyt tweeted at White that Mercer would beat the Blue Devils to which White bet Hoyt that he’d be wrong and White was so confident that he laid two 50 yard line first row tickets on the line.

Of course, Mercer went on to beat Duke and Twitter went into one of its fits when White refused to pay up. Hoyt wasn’t expecting White to do anything (after all, he risked nothing in the “bet”) so that could have been it.

White ended up offering Hoyt two Bears tickets since Hoyt was a Bears fan and that seemed to be the end of Roddy White’s “Bet-Gate.”

“‘I lost a bet and I will give him tickets to the Bears game since he is a Bears fan done with this bet,’ White Tweeted.”

Until Wednesday.

White must have had a change of heart because he not only invited Hoyt to training camp but he also gave Hoyt two season tickets to Falcons games, two Super Bowl tickets and a sideline pass for a regular season game. Hoyt, understandably, took White up on his offer.

Roddy White then spoke to the media about his decision to gift Hoyt so handsomely for his friendly, casual Twitter wager:

“‘Never bet anything unless you’re willing to pay up,’ the Falcons’ wide receiver said Wednesday.”

A lesson that every Twitter user, especially celebrities, should take to heart.

[For the Win][AJC]