To no one’s surprise (except maybe Andy Reid’s), New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan was named the most overrated head coach in the NFL.  The Sporting News conducted a mid-season survey of 103 current NFL players from 27 teams and Rex topped the list.

The rest of the list breaks down as follows:

Rex Ryan, Jets (35 votes)

Bill Belichick, Patriots (16 votes)

Andy Reid, Eagles (9 votes)

Mike Shanahan, Redskins (8 votes)

Mike Tomlin, Steelers (4 votes)

Jeff Fisher, Rams (3 votes)

Jim Harbaugh, 49ers (3 votes)

Norv Turner, Chargers (3 votes)

Pete Carroll, Seahawks (2 votes)

Jason Garrett, Cowboys (2 votes)

John Harbaugh, Ravens (2 votes)

Six coaches received one vote

An unnamed AFC offensive player was quoted as saying, “Rex Ryan. His coaching style is over the top. Some of the things he does in front of the cameras are way over the top. You put that with the New York media and he has a pretty big reputation, I guess. I don’t even know if you’d call him overrated anymore because it’s gonna be a couple of years since he was in the AFC finals. He’s pretty funny, and he’s a pretty good coach. But not THAT good.”

I wonder if that was Reggie Bush?

Personally, I’m shocked Andy Reid didn’t rank higher, as well as Jason Garrett.

via The Sporting News