Harrison Butker Lucas Peltier-USA TODAY Sports

During a recent commencement address at a small Catholic college in Kansas, Kansas City Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker shared quite a few extremely controversial viewpoints when he suggested that women should be “homemakers” instead of having careers, criticized transgender people, and mocked LGBTQ Pride Month. Miami Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel seems to think his speech can serve as a warning to players to be very careful about what they say publicly.

In a recent press conference, Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel was asked his thoughts on the speech from Harrison Butker, and he made it clear that while his players all have the freedom to say anything they like, he wants them all to “understand the consequences” of whatever they may say.

“I think you do have to open the eyes of the players to their platform if they’re new to the situation,” McDaniel told reporters according to Pro Football Talk. “I think you have to understand that what you say publicly can be fragmented and last with you forever. I really emphasize that whatever you’re going to say, you better believe it. You just try to educate people to understand the consequences of whatever they do. They have the freedom of choice, and if they want to go that direction, go right ahead.”

Butker has since been absolutely blasted on social media with many people even calling for the Chiefs to cut him in response to his comments. If one of McDaniel’s players is going to say something similar, he wants them to be aware of what the reaction could be.

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