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The internet somehow survived the cataclysmic event that was the St. Louis Rams seventh round draft pick sacking the Cleveland Browns backup quarterback but one person came out of the play with a lighter wallet.

Twitter user @squareknight made a prediction/bet before the preseason game between the Browns and Rams. The wager was a hefty one:

After the sack, one of two which Sam recorded against the Browns, @squareknight realized that his bet was not particularly doable as his tweet went viral. So, he decided to make the best of his situation:

Sam heard about the wager and he decided to give the fan a suggestion for a charity, a suggestion which @squareknight proudly took:

In an interview with ESPN (because if anyone was going to cover every aspect of this monumental moment of preseason football, it’d be ESPN), @squareknight stated that he donated $500.

And somehow, this has been the preseason sack which has kept on giving.

[For the Win]