Maxx Crosby Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas Raiders superstar defensive end Maxx Crosby only got to play one season in Oakland before the team moved to Vegas, but it was a season that he will never forget.

During the latest episode of his podcast, Maxx Crosby was asked by a fan whether or not he missed playing in front of the “Black Hole” in Oakland. And he did not hold back his thoughts, saying he “absolutely” missed it, calling it “legendary.”

“It’s funny, I was just talking about this today, and someone was asking me, Did you play for the Oakland Raiders at one point? And I was like, ‘That year, I’ll never forget it, for many reasons, good and bad.’ The fans in Oakland, I’m so happy I got to experience that and obviously it was the last year in Oakland, and the fans — I can’t even explain. I’m coming from Eastern Michigan, we had 12,000 in the crowd, they’ve got tarps over the away side because there’s nobody over there. That’s what it was. And then my first game we’re playing Denver on Monday night, Von Miller’s on the other side, we’re playing Denver, the crowd was — I can’t even explain how ridiculous it was,” Crosby said according to Pro Football Talk

“They’re throwing [stuff] on the field, people are falling out of the stands. A [explative] show. By the time the fourth quarter hits you get the wave of kush going through the whole stadium. I’m looking around and all the guys are like, ‘Welcome to Oakland.’ I’m like, this is legendary. I’ve got so much love for Oakland.”

It’s safe to say that Crosby misses that environment a little bit in Vegas.

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