Marvin Harrison Jr. The Columbus Dispatch

Three weeks following the NFL Draft, fans still cannot purchase the jersey of new Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Marvin Harrison Jr. and he is still not slated to appear in the upcoming Madden video game as he continues to refuse to sign the NFLPA’s joint licensing agreement.

Until Marvin Harrison Jr. signs the licensing deal, he cannot profit from the sale of his jersey or appear in the Madden video game. For this reason, most players sign the licensing deal before the NFL Draft. But as Michael David Smith of Pro Football Talk points out, Harrison is in a pretty unique situation.

“That agreement is what allows players’ names, images and likenesses to be used in merchandise from jerseys to the Madden video game. Almost every player signs it because there’s no way to make money off jersey sales without it, but Harrison is in a unique situation because he signed an NIL deal with Fanatics while he was still at Ohio State, and now that he’s in the NFL and Fanatics has the opportunity to make more money off selling his Cardinals jersey, he wants Fanatics to agree to renegotiate before he gives them that right,” Smith wrote for Pro Football Talk.

Still, the brutal move from Harrison sparked a lot of criticism.

We’ll have to see if this gets resolved in the near future.

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