Los Angeles Chargers Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Los Angeles Chargers have a plan to help star quarterback Justin Herbert perform even better this upcoming season than he has in previous years – run the ball.

It may sound counterintuitive since Justin Herbert is a prolific passer who hasn’t been fully utilized, but Chargers offensive coordinator Greg Roman said that he thinks the key to helping him reach a new level will be establishing a dominant rushing attack.

“Can you imagine Justin Herbert with a great running game?” Roman said according to ESPN. “… We don’t know, but I can imagine what it might look like. So that’s kind of the vision.”

Roman thinks that having a strong rushing attack can really put stress on opposing defenses, and he thinks that will ultimately help the passing game, as well.

“I think in this league, you can really, really help dictate the defenses if you have a strong running attack,” Roman said. “If you really talk to most defensive coordinators in this league and got ’em off to the side when they’re playing a really good running team, they’re sweating a little bit. They’re sleeping a little less that week.”

The Chargers had one of the worst rushing attacks in the league last year. We’ll have to see if they can improve this offseason.