Lawrence Taylor at a rally for Donald Trump's presidential campaign Photo Credit: Right Side Broadcasting Network

Former U.S. President Donald Trump is currently on his campaign trail as he looks to get re-elected in the 2024 presidential election. And over the weekend, he may have gotten some votes from the sports community thanks to the public support of an NFL legend.

Hall of Fame linebacker Lawrence Taylor is widely regarded as one of the best defensive players of all time, dominating the competition and striking fear in the hearts of quarterbacks in the league over the course of his 13-year NFL career.

But on Saturday, Taylor put his political hat on in support of the former president at a stop on Trump’s campaign trail in Wildwood, New Jersey.

Taylor, who was joined by his former teammate Ottis Anderson, spoke on Trump’s behalf at the rally, sharing how he was always a “lifelong Democrat”, but that his political lean has changed thanks to Trump.

“I have always been a Democrat,” said Taylor. “But that’s until I met this man right here. Now I don’t have to worry about anybody in my family ever voting for a democrat again. Don’t you just love that guy? I’ll tell you, it’s been a very exciting day. Not one person has left here. You’re still here yelling and screaming. Thank you guys for all of your support. Thank you.”

It may not seem like much. Celebrities and athletes endorse political figures all the time. But in the state of New Jersey where Lawrence Taylor is a living legend for his time with the New York Giants, his endorsement of Trump could certainly hold some weight amongst voters.

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