Joe Burrow Syndication: The Enquirer

Cincinnati Bengals star quarterback Joe Burrow has made it very clear that he is unbothered by trash talk and taunting on the football field. In fact, he welcomes it. And he explained that stance a little bit more this week.

During a recent appearance on the New Heights podcast, Joe Burrow elaborated on why he considered himself “pro taunting” and wants players to be allowed to taunt other players on the football field.

“Yea, I’m pro taunting,” Burrow said on the New Heights podcast with Travis and Jason Kelce according to Olivia Ray of WLWT. “We’re all grown adults that work really hard at what we do. And sometimes we’d like to show it. I’m not gonna get my feelings hurt if somebody sacks me and taunts me, like, you made a play. I get it. Like good for you.”

Currently, the NFL penalizes taunting, throwing a flag, and giving a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty to any player the officials deem guilty of a taunting penalty. They’ve recently made it a point of emphasis for the referees to crack down on taunting during games.

But it sounds like Burrow would like the NFL to change the rules to allow players to taunt as much as they want during games.

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