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The Los Angeles Chargers paid Jim Harbaugh a pretty penny to leave the collegiate game at Michigan and return back to NFL coaching. This would make most assume that Harbaugh and his family have been living quite lavishly in Los Angeles since accepting the job. But recent reports now suggest that this couldn’t be further from the case.

Harbaugh accepted a five-year contract with the Chargers worth $16 million annually, which totals out to $80 million over the course of the deal.

Naturally, you would think that this means Harbaugh and his family would have moved into whatever luxurious house that they wanted in Los Angeles. But instead, he has reportedly been living in his RV since the move, according to a report from Mlive.com.

Harbaugh spoke about this with MLive, detailing that the experience has been “great”, and that he has even had an RV companion as a neighbor in Chargers offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

“It’s been great,” Harbaugh said. “Just being myself. I always wanted to do that (and live in an RV). It worked out great. I’m 100 feet from Greg Roman, who has a really, really good RV. My Ford Motorcoach hits me just right. It’s been awesome. Yeah, it’s been really good. I go back there, it’s a good time to think. It’s just been great.”

Naturally, fans couldn’t believe that someone like Harbaugh is living a pretty abnormal lifestyle for the amount of money he will be receiving as an NFL head coach once again.

Even though Harbaugh says that he is quite enjoying the RV life, it will not be a long-term style of living for him. He later detailed to MLive that his family will be moving into a rental home in Los Angeles in the coming months.


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