The Philadelphia Eagles were able to give people a literal bird’s-eye view of Lincoln Financial Field before Sunday’s Eagles-Cowboys game thanks to a bald eagle named Challenger.

The view is truly awe-inspiring as is Challenger’s personal history. The bird has accomplished a lot in his lifetime.

“Challenger is a 25-year old non-releasable male Bald Eagle cared for by the non-profit American Eagle Foundation. This majestic bird has become a free-flying educational ambassador for his species, soaring through hundreds of stadiums, arenas, ballrooms, and classrooms across the U.S. since 1991. He was blown from his nest at 5-weeks of age and rescued by well-meaning people who proceeded to hand-raise him. As a result, he became imprinted for life.”

For Eagles fans, this may have been the highlight of the night as the team would go on to lose the game against their bitter division rival by a score of 38-27.