Deshaun Watson Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

Cleveland Browns star quarterback Deshaun Watson may have thought his legal issues and punishment from the NFL were behind him, but it sounds like he could be forced to testify once again – and could still face more punishment from the league in the future.

According to a report from Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, Deshaun Watson could be forced to testify again in one of the remaining cases against him.

“Watson last appeared in a deposition in the case in Houston on June 9. But a new court filing states the woman’s attorney ended it after two hours and 14 minutes because Watson’s attorney, Rusty Hardin, improperly instructed Watson not to answer certain questions about other cases, such as whether he had been sexually aroused during massage sessions in the past,” Schrotenboer wrote on Thursday.

And as these legal issues progress, NFL insider Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk reports that Watson could still face more punishment from the NFL, even though he has already been suspended

“Absent a settlement or a dismissal, the remaining claims against Watson will go to trial at some point. Although he has been suspended 11 games by the NFL for the allegations, the league has not completely ruled out the possibility of further punishment, given the evidence that could emerge in the remaining cases and/or the eventual verdicts,” Florio reported for Pro Football Talk.

All in all, it’s a pretty terrible turn of events for Watson. We’ll have to see how it goes.

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