Little incidents like this is why Hard Knocks is one of the best things about the NFL offseason.

The HBO cameras captured this moment from the joint practices between the Houston Texans and the Washington Texans where Texans wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins shook DeAngelo Hall and made the veteran corner look silly in the process.

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Hall must have felt a little embarrassed about the footage as he took to Twitter to needle Hopkins about the incident after it aired on this week’s episode of Hard Knocks.

Not content with wrecking him on the practice field, Hopkins laid out this beautiful response to Hall’s tweet.

Hall tried to respond with a “tip” for the guy who left him in his dust.

As a rule, it’s probably not wise to go on Twitter, reference the one clip where you got utterly burned AND trash talk the guy who did the burning. Just sayin.

Hopkins put it best in the above clip though:

“I just finish it. I don’t start nothing.”