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Former NFL star Antonio Brown has been known to post some highly controversial content on his social media account ever since his playing days in the league have come to an end. And on Friday, Brown took aim at Buffalo Bills star Damar Hamlin, and Hamlin was none too happy about it.

Brown responded to a Twitter post that stated to name “A fictional character’s death that you have not gotten over”, posting a picture of Hamlin.

Hamlin of course suffered perhaps the scariest injury in NFL history two seasons ago, collapsing on the field in a 2023 game against the Cincinnati Bengals, going into cardiac arrest.

Naturally, Hamlin was quite upset about Brown’s low dig at him, responding in tune by blasting Brown, calling him a “burnt out old head”.

“You just DM me on Monday? Guess you playing lame games on twitter with my situation because I ain’t DM you back,” tweeted Hamlin. I pray God don’t ever let me turn into a burnt out old head like you. I used to look up to you damn near shit sad frfr. Talk about a clone bring the real AB back!”

It was obviously extremely disrespectful for Brown to bring up Hamlin’s near-death experience in an attempt at a joke. So the angry response from Hamlin is very much warranted.

Brown then responded to Hamlin’s tweet with one of his own, with some extremely colorful language like only Brown can provide.

It’s pretty safe to say that there is no love lost between these two…

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