Colin Kaepernick has found a new slogan: “I’m with Kap.”

TMZ reports the former San Francisco 49ers QB has applied for the trademark use for an upcoming clothing line. Celebrities have already rocked the slogan, with G-Eazy and Kenny Stills among those who’ve sported the remark.

Considering Kaepernick’s brand being stronger than ever, despite him remaining an NFL free agent, it’s smart for him to trademark the phrase so he can use it as he pleases. It wouldn’t be shocking at all if a big apparel company wanted to sign Kap and make clothing with the trademark for the public.

This doesn’t seem like a cash grab for Kaepernick. He’s protecting his brand. If history is any indicator, whatever money he makes from the trademark are sure to back into his philanthropic causes.

Are you with Kap?


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