Russell Wilson Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Russell Wilson will be in search of a new team this offseason and nobody is quite sure where exactly he will land. But we can quickly rule out one destination: the Carolina Panthers.

New Carolina Panthers head coach Dave Canales was the quarterbacks coach for Russell Wilson for four seasons with the Seattle Seahawks, but he shut down the possibility of any potential reunion during a recent appearance on Up & Adams.

“This is not the situation for Russ,” Canales said.

“What I will say about him is taking that chance and that opportunity to go to Denver, I really admire him for that. I really admire the courage it took to say, ‘I’m gonna branch out away from what I’m comfortable with.’ Certainly guys like me who was with him for all 10 years and the level of comfort that comes — I know exactly what he wants, he needs, what he’s gonna ask for, I can anticipate those things. He really gambled on himself to go and try to do something a different way to see what that can become. What it’s become, hey, the film’s out there but I really credit him for that.”

Of course, it’s not exactly shocking that the Panthers wouldn’t be interested in signing a veteran quarterback after all they gave up to select Bryce Young with the No. 1 overall pick just last season. But it’s still one less potential destination for him.

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