Bryce Young Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Last season did not go as expected for Bryce Young after he was selected with the No. 1 overall pick in the NFL Draft by the Carolina Panthers. But after some major changes, it sounds like he expects things to be different this year.

Bryce Youn will be heading into the upcoming season with a new head coach from last year, a new offensive coordinator, and several new players at wide receiver, running back, and on the offensive line. And it sounds like he’s excited about the changes.

“I’m really excited to have some new pieces,” Young said according to Pro Football Talk. “Now it’s on us to put the work in, to build the chemistry, to get the reps on the field and to make it translate. I’m grateful the guys are coming in. They all have really good work ethics, great attitudes, great outlooks. We all want the same thing. We all want to win. We all want to contribute to winning in whatever capacity we can. Give all for the team. We’re all excited for that. It’s always good to just have new juice, have different juice. Now it’s on us to do the work to make it translate.”

Obviously, Young will also have to be better personally. But it sounds like he is optimistic about the upcoming season.

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