Brian Billick has accomplished quite a bit over his long career in football.

He has been an assistant coach at the college and professional level. He was the Baltimore Ravens head coach between the years of 1999 and 2007. After that, he was a professional commentator for NFL games for years as well.

All of that is to say that Billick knows a little something about football.

On Wednesday, Billick tweeted on which football player he thinks best compares to Johnny Manziel.

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Billick’s comparison of Manziel to Troy Smith did not sit well with Twitter user and self-described “Cleveland Sports Fan” Bflo44 who wanted to know exactly what gave Billick the authority to speak on quarterback talent evaluation.

Billick had the perfect comeback.

Head coaches with Super Bowl rings should be able to pull out this trump card for any and all arguments. There is no arguing with RINGZ (even from a head coach that won a Super Bowl on the back of a historically good defense while Trent Dilfer manned the offense).